Life in Abundance

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Let the Storms Pass

by Ruth-Ann Thompson

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. John 6:51, New International Version.

We were on our way to Missouri to visit my son, Brandon. It was a beautiful day—the sky was the clearest blue, the air was calm, the road was smooth. About three hours into the trip, the weather changed suddenly—the sky was now dark and the wind was so strong, it shook the car from side to side. I was finding it very difficult to stay in my lane.

After trying very hard to keep driving and stay on the road, I realized the weather was just too much competition for us. We had to pull over and take cover from the weather. It was only then that we learned of a severe tornado warning in the area!

To think that we took for granted the clear skies and sunshine of the morning! We didn’t stop to search for weather updates or look for warning signs. Had we kept driving, the consequences could have been deadly.

While the bad weather took its course, we made the best of our respite—had a meal, rested and filled up on gas (even though it was overpriced). Surprisingly, once the storm passed us by, there were hardly any signs of it having been there. We didn’t even have to re-route our trip. We went happily on our way. In a few hours, we were enjoying our visit with Brandon.

Sometimes in life, storms arise. Just when we think everything is going well, they come with no warning. And when we least expect it, our life’s course can be re-routed. That’s when we have to stop and rest awhile to refresh ourselves with the Living Water and feast on the Word of God. Sometimes we have to pause and wait in God’s will until the storm passes us by.


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Drawn Into His Arms

by Tonya Mechling

…and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, just as a man carries his son, in all the way which you have walked until you came to this place. Deuteronomy 1:31

There it was, tucked carefully in the first chapter. I had read Deuteronomy many times, but somehow I had always missed this beautiful gem. I discovered the promise one morning as I was laying all of my burdens at Jesus’ feet. I was going through a career change, and my purpose in life was unclear. As I was crying out to God, He answered me with this special gift.

The Israelites had been through so much. Their forty-year journey through the wilderness mirrors our expedition through life. We thirst and hunger for God’s protection and guidance. We face uncertainties and hardships, but God leads us just as He led the Israelites. As I pondered the image of a father cradling his son, I was comforted with the reminder that God carries me in His arms. Dear friends, take courage and know that God is lifting you up and drawing you to His bosom at this very moment. Nothing you face today is too difficult for Him!