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Mom Induces Labor so Dying Dad Can See His Baby

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood tear-jerker, but the story is all too true for a Dallas-area family. Mark Aulger, 52, was hospitalized with complications from colon cancer. His wife, Diane, 31, was two weeks away from delivering their fifth child. When the doctors told the Aulgers that Mark had only five or six days to live, “Mark said, ‘I’d like to see the baby,'” Diane told the Associated Press. So the doctors induced pregnancy. Here’s their story:

Was the baby born in time?
Yes. The hospital modified a large labor and delivery room so that Mark could be there for the birth, with the couple in side-by-side hospital beds. Savannah Aulger was born Jan. 18, and Mark was the first one to hold her. He was having a relatively good day, health-wise, and he cradled his baby daughter for 45 minutes. He “cried, and he just looked very sad,” says Diane. Mark slipped into a coma Jan. 21. He died two days later.

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