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Like is a Relay

Take any portion of the Bible and you see a people chain—One person connected to another person to another, one person passing on the torch to another, one person picking up where the other left off—Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, David and Solomon, John and Jesus, Paul and Titus.

God depends on this human connectivity. Jesus’ life on earth also emphasized the need for this relay. His first step in His ministry was to link what he was going to do with what John his cousin had already done. “He picked up where John left off. ‘Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.’”(Matthew 4: 17, The Message)

The very Son of God chose to begin His ministry with the words of his very human predecessor. He was God. He could have started with a big bang of His own. He could have created a unique solo performance. But instead, he stayed connected with the people before him, and then readied the stage for those ahead of him.

The Christian life is not a solo act. It is a drama that spans from the beginning through eternity. It is about players who are synchronized and connected to tell the story of salvation.