Life in Abundance

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Angel in Boots

by Doina Cismas Jeffrey

I was driving home after an evening shift at work. It was shortly after midnight and snowing as I got into my car. The roads were a little slick and there was just enough snow on the road to cause a slushy snow splash every now and then on my windshield. This made it difficult to see, even with the wipers on.

A semi-truck right in front of me moved slowly, throwing huge amounts of slush on my windshield. I decided to pass the truck, knowing my little Honda Civic had good tires and was stable on the road. As I passed and pulled in front of the truck, I felt the car spin. Right then, I knew it was the end. ”God, this is it,” I prayed.

What followed was remarkable. After I uttered the words “God, this is it,” there was no fear, no struggle trying to control the car, no semi-truck, not even the lights on the edge of the freeway. It seemed as though I just woke up and found myself in the center grassy median with my front tires buried in the ground all the way up to the bumper. And I was alive without a scratch or ache.

My first words were “Thank you, God.” Realizing there were very few cars on the road so late at night in such bad road conditions, I prayed again, “God, please send someone to help me.” Within seconds, a large white dual-wheel pickup pulled up behind me, onto the median. A large man with a white cowboy hat got out of the pickup, walked up to my window and asked if he could help me. His face and voice were kind. Could God have answered me so quickly?

The man had the chains needed to pull my car out. And when he was done, he would not accept any payment. All he asked was that I help someone else in need.

As he was leaving, I sat in my car attempting to muster up the courage to continue my drive home. When I looked up a few seconds later, the pickup was gone. There was no one in sight even though the road was straight and I could see down the road for miles.

Was that my angel that night? Did God perform a miracle? Had time somehow stopped while my car spun on the road to prevent me from being killed? Maybe. After all, with God all things are possible. This verse now has much more meaning for me: “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those that fear Him and delivers them” (Psalm 34:7).