Life in Abundance


colder the day, the gloomier the heart

It’s a proven fact that depression sets in quicker in the cold, dark recesses of winter. All the more reason to cheer someone around you. Seeing them brighten up will shake whatever gloominess you may be experiencing.

Here are some quick easy ways to add some positive glow around you. Share some of your ideas too.

1. Bring in a crockpot full of your best soup into work. And bask in the compliments and smiles.

2. Buy cookie dough and save it just for Wednesday. Makes the rest of the week go faster.

3. In your car, have a pile of sweaters you don’t use anymore. Give them away to random homeless people you may run into.

4. Pay a dollar extra at the drive through coffee place and treat the guy behind you.

5. Sing extra loud in shower on Monday morning. Dare the week to get the better of you!