Life in Abundance

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The 12-Year Old Prayer

by Iris Eastwood

Twelve years ago, my brother’s relationship came to a bitter end when his girlfriend left him and took with her their twin sons. The boys were five years old.

For various reasons, my brother got no visitation rights and we had no connection with the boys. My mother and I did the only obvious thing we could—We prayed every day for little David and Austin.

Two years later, we heard the boys’ mother had died and that the boys were in state custody. Quickly, we contacted social services and began processing the paperwork to find a way to bring them home. But, for whatever reason, we did not succeed. So we just continued praying every day.

We sent letters, birthday cards and even money orders for the boys through their caseworker. Still we never heard from the boys or about them. Years went by with absolutely no contact. 2011 was Year 12. The boys would be adults soon. The chances of finding them seemed almost zero.

And then one day came an unexpected phone call from the social service office. The lady introduced herself as the new caseworker assigned to David and Austin. She then proceeded to tell me of how she found a box of letters and cards and money orders. It was obvious to her that David and Austin had a family who loved them. And she wanted to bring us back together!

Since that day 12 years ago, I have moved a lot. I was now 3000+ miles away from where my nephews were. I wished I could hang up the phone and be miraculously transported across the country to see my precious boys. But not only was I too far away, I was also unemployed and had a sick husband at home. There was no way I could visit them. —These were my thoughts as I talked to the social worker.

It was a bitter sweet moment—I was so glad to have finally found my boys, yet so sad that I was so far away from them. Just then, I heard her tell me the state would pay my expenses to travel to see them!

My cup was more than running over. I was drowning in the joy of answered prayers. But God’s goodness did not stop there. When I looked up at the tall and strong David and Austin from my petite frame, I could tell that God had been their protector all along.

David told me of how he wants to be an evangelist and Austin said he planned to work beside his brother to provide music and songs for their ministry.

It may have been 12 long years, but God knew what was best for my boys!