Life in Abundance

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On Living it Up

by Ruth-Ann Thompson 

The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep. Matthew 25:5, New International Version.

The meteorologists were predicting a major snowfall. It was expected to hit around seven in the evening, snow all through the night, and accumulate to at least 12 inches by morning.

As you can imagine, grocery stores, gasoline stations and drug stores were packed with people stocking up on food, medicine, bottled water, toilet paper and whatever else they felt they absolutely needed to endure inclement weather.

The children were especially happy. There’d be no school the next day. So there was no need to get homework done or go to bed at a reasonable hour. The children were going to leisurely wake up to a day off from school. After all, the prediction of a snowstorm came from scientists! Adults too stayed up late watching movies and doing odd jobs around the house in anticipation of waking up to a city virtually paralyzed by a snowstorm.

But when our town awoke the next morning, the disappointment was overwhelming. Not only were the meteorologists wrong, but there was also a heat wave of sorts. Temperatures were at record highs that day!

And so, it seemed, the snow was never going to come as predicted. And none of us were prepared to face a day of work and school.

For me, the reminder that there really is no way of making up for unpreparedness was rather unsettling.

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If Wishes Could Come True

by Fylvia Fowler Kline

I’m a realist. I’m so objective that in our very first year of marriage, I released Roy from the obligation of roses, chocolates and niceties on Valentine’s and anniversaries. But then, every once in a while, excess estrogen foams to the surface and I slip into wishful thinking. Today is one of those days. So, here goes.

Ten things I wish I could have right now.

  1. All three of my children living with me or next door to me.
  2. Daily diet of chocolate, fruit, rice and fried fish—with an ample supply of fresh coconut on the side.
  3. A green thumb and a golden voice.
  4. A bed by a window that looks over the ocean.
  5. The ability to travel, volunteer, help–anytime, anywhere.
  6. Pets that don’t die or poo.
  7. A book deal that’ll send Grisham into exile.
  8. The license to be snarky–anytime, anywhere.
  9. Roy seeing the wisdom in downsizing.
  10. Never needing sleep.

Make time for yourself today. Sit in your favorite chair. Relax with a cup of whatever. And give yourself the luxury of making a list of wishes. One of them just might turn up one day as a serendipitous blessing. (I got #4 for two days last month!)

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Reflected Character

by Mary Gay


Empty space is dark, no illumination,
But light reflects God, truth of His creation,
As Jesus shines light on mind and emotion,
May this life be His visible reflection,
Truth be reflected with clarification,

In daily choices by thought word and action,
Truth may be shared with Jesus affirmation,
Freedom of choice, God given motivation,
Seek Holy Spirit for guidance provision.
Establish character by Spirit’s direction.

Aware Divine love my present protection,
Healing my mind, giving Jesus possession.
Test, trial, pain, chosen consequent action,
Responsible choices with firm decision
Disciplines thoughts, character formation.

This harvest of life will come to fruition,
Character matured in hope true reflection
By Spirit’s power, love joy faith expression
Rest trusting God for peaceful transformation.
God’s character guiding daily decision


colder the day, the gloomier the heart

It’s a proven fact that depression sets in quicker in the cold, dark recesses of winter. All the more reason to cheer someone around you. Seeing them brighten up will shake whatever gloominess you may be experiencing.

Here are some quick easy ways to add some positive glow around you. Share some of your ideas too.

1. Bring in a crockpot full of your best soup into work. And bask in the compliments and smiles.

2. Buy cookie dough and save it just for Wednesday. Makes the rest of the week go faster.

3. In your car, have a pile of sweaters you don’t use anymore. Give them away to random homeless people you may run into.

4. Pay a dollar extra at the drive through coffee place and treat the guy behind you.

5. Sing extra loud in shower on Monday morning. Dare the week to get the better of you!


Off to a Great Start

Roy and I met up with Chris and Erika last night for dinner. Every once in a while the four of us get together to catch up. We talk about the usual stuff–our kids, their pets, travel plans and family news.

So, of course, Roy brought up Alabaster Jars’ upcoming debut and the literacy projects it will fund. He shared it just as news (Well, maybe he was showing off his wife’s book a little too!). But being generous people with a lifestyle of giving, both Chris and Erika pulled out their wallets. Each gave $10.

Imagine that! The book isn’t even on the shelves and we already have enough money to teach two women how to read and write.