Life in Abundance

Write for Alabaster

We are always looking for new contributors for Alabaster Jars. If you would like to be considered as one for next year’s book, just follow the guidelines below and email your submission to Fylvia.

1. Word Count: not more than 400 words.

3. The format: Be as creative as you want to be. Here are some ideas

4. Subject: Anything of relevance to living life with a positive attitude. Here are some ideas.

  • Being optimistic
  • Getting over a heartache
  • Finding time for yourself
  • Sharing your faith
  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Staying organized
  • Finding peace
  • Loving the unlovable
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Laughing more
  • Staying in love
  • Sticking to a budget
  • Coping with addiction
  • Controlling anger
  • Facing fears
  • Learning to trust
  • Handling stress
  • Exercising self control

5. Understanding: Alabaster Jars is a project that raises funds for women’s literacy programs. As such, none of the contributors receive payment for their submissions. All profits from the sale of the book are donated to fund literacy projects through Interra Foundation.

11 thoughts on “Write for Alabaster

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  8. is this sort of verse what might be used or posted???

    Empty space is dark, no illumination,
    But light reflects God, truth of His creation,
    As Jesus shines light on mind and emotion,
    May this life be His visible reflection,
    Truth be reflected with clarification,

    In daily choices by thought word and action,
    Truth may be shared with Jesus affirmation,
    Freedom of choice, God given motivation,
    Seek Holy Spirit for guidance provision.
    Establish character by Spirit’s direction.

    Aware Divine love my present protection,
    Healing my mind, giving Jesus possession.
    Test, trial, pain, chosen consequent action,
    Responsible choices with firm decision
    Disciplines thoughts, character formation.

    This harvest of life will come to fruition,
    Character matured in hope true reflection
    By Spirit’s power, love joy faith expression
    Rest trusting God for peaceful transformation.
    God’s character guiding daily decision,

    Mary Gay

  9. Hi Fylvia,
    I would love to have the email address to send a submission. It is not listed here that I can find. Blessings,

    • Hi Sharon,

      On the page, “Write for Alabaster,” the first paragraph ends with a link to send submissions. Just click on “Fylvia” ( . . . email your submissions to Fylvia). It’s hyperlinked to open up in your mail program. I am also going to send you an email, just in case 🙂


    My only assured hope and security,
    True peace that’s permanent in reality,
    Jesus provides most secure sanctuary,
    Holds my life safely, knows me intimately.

    Jesus in His safe refuge Most Holy,
    Hears my prayer and judges personally,
    Understands all my needs and fears perfectly
    Divine merit atones for me graciously.

    Jesus opens the door to the heavenly
    Where we envision true worship in glory,
    Where smoke of incense, His merit worthy,
    Rises before the throne with prayer securely.

    True faith, freedom, Jesus healing ministry,
    In blessed Sabbath rest sanctified weekly,
    Sign that God sanctifies me personally,
    Celebrates Creator’s seal of sovereignty.

    As each Sabbath comes to us consistently,
    Reminding us how Jesus cares intensely,
    Providing life joy, secure hope peacefully,
    Aware of His presence, love and liberty.

    Mary Gay

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