Life in Abundance

About Us

This is a meeting place for those seeking a life of abundance. Read about the spiritual journey of others and share your experiences to strengthen one another.

Every Sunday, you’ll find a reading to fuel your week with a positive attitude. These readings are from the book, Alabaster Jars, Vol 1., an inspirational devotional written by women about the power of God in their everyday lives.  But Alabaster Jars is more than just a devotional. It is a mission. All proceeds fund women’s literacy programs around the world through Interra Foundation. At the cost of $10 to teach one woman how to read and write, Alabaster Jars has the potential of changing many lives. Click here to purchase a copy of Alabaster Jars.

If you’d like to submit a reading for the  next collection of Alabaster Jars, click here. You don’t have to be a published writer; you just need a story that will inspire and encourage positive living.

Alabaster Jars is available both as a softcover or as a Kindle book–online at or at the storefront, Potomac Adventist Book Store.

Click on either of the covers to purchase this on Amazon.

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Alabaster Jars Cover

One thought on “About Us

  1. Here is a verse,


    Knowing human need of restful peace and safety,
    God created blessed time, hope for humanity,
    Rest in Jesus judgment, find real security,
    In following Jesus most precious ministry.

    Our High Priest in His heavenly sanctuary,
    Intercedes for me now in that place Most Holy
    Our prayers offered here in reverent humility,
    Jesus makes acceptable at His throne of mercy.

    Makes perfect atonement for me personally,
    Vindicates His own justice universally,
    Only by His merit freed from thoughts guilty
    Clearing my record of sin’s liability.

    In vision John saw majestic worship heavenly,
    Bowls of incense with prayer and song gloriously
    Praising God worshiping Jesus most worthy,
    Now in heaven’s Most Holy sanctuary

    Responsive to Jesus gracious ministry,
    Focus on Jesus grace, present reality,
    Cleansing heaven’s temple from sin’s guilt finally,
    Through grace makes me safe to live eternally.

    Mary Gay

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