Life in Abundance

Reflected Character

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by Mary Gay


Empty space is dark, no illumination,
But light reflects God, truth of His creation,
As Jesus shines light on mind and emotion,
May this life be His visible reflection,
Truth be reflected with clarification,

In daily choices by thought word and action,
Truth may be shared with Jesus affirmation,
Freedom of choice, God given motivation,
Seek Holy Spirit for guidance provision.
Establish character by Spirit’s direction.

Aware Divine love my present protection,
Healing my mind, giving Jesus possession.
Test, trial, pain, chosen consequent action,
Responsible choices with firm decision
Disciplines thoughts, character formation.

This harvest of life will come to fruition,
Character matured in hope true reflection
By Spirit’s power, love joy faith expression
Rest trusting God for peaceful transformation.
God’s character guiding daily decision

Author: Fylvia

If I could be a beachcomber who simply reads, writes and watches old movies all day, I would. Since that’s as far fetched as most of my other daydreams, I read and write and watch old movies in between being a working mother and wife. But it’s all good—God’s brought into my life more exciting experiences than a beachcomber could ever imagine.

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