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La Sentinelle Girl

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by May-Ellen Colin

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Matthew 9:37, 38,  New International Version.

Early on in our stay as missionaries in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, we learned the value of La Sentinelle magazine, the French version of The Signs of the Times. Many different sorts of people wanted them.

If the police stopped us (often because they were hoping we’d pay a bribe), we’d give them a Sentinelle. They seemed glad to receive something to read, and would let us go.

We made new friends because of that magazine—and because of our six-year-old daughter, Sara-May. She noticed that it was a good thing to share Sentinelles with people we met. So, she decided to do her part. Having just learned to ride a bicycle, she’d put some Sentinelles in a sack and ride from gate to gate, up and down the street where we lived. At each gate was a guard. They were all her friends. In fact, they had had a part in teaching her how to ride her bicycle. Sara gave each guard a Sentinelle. They were very happy to have something to read while they sat, hour after hour, at their posts.

Sara covered her magazine route very regularly, sometimes on her bike, sometimes by foot.
Not only did she give them magazines, but she would also visit with them. Often she would join them in the evening when they’d stop what they were doing to face Mecca in prayer.

From time to time, our gate bell would ring and we’d find a burly guard asking for Sara. We’d go get Sara; the visitor would visit with Sara; and then ask if she had another Sentinelle. Sara would bring out her box of assorted Sentinelles and let him pick the ones he hadn’t read. He would usually take some for his guard friends too.

Oh, the enthusiasm and willingness of a little child to serve Jesus and to tell others about Him! God knows the ultimate results of little Sara’s missionary labor in our neighborhood.

Lord, give me the willingness, dedication, and enthusiasm of a little child to share You with those around me.


Author: Fylvia

If I could be a beachcomber who simply reads, writes and watches old movies all day, I would. Since that’s as far fetched as most of my other daydreams, I read and write and watch old movies in between being a working mother and wife. But it’s all good—God’s brought into my life more exciting experiences than a beachcomber could ever imagine.

One thought on “La Sentinelle Girl

  1. What a precious story. I plan to share it with my Spiritual Nurture of Children class. And, what a joy to see Sara regularly in the halls of the Seminary–she still is that gregarious, joyful-in-the-Lord person. Thanks, May-Ellen, for Christian parenting and dedication to Family ministry.

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